Unlock AfterShip Returns Reverse Logistics Capabilities

Unlock AfterShip Returns Reverse Logistics Capabilities
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As businesses navigate increasingly complex supply chains in a fast-paced global economy, managing reverse logistics has become critical to success. Efficiently handling returns, repairs, and product recalls can make or break customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and bottom-line profits.

To this end, the reverse logistics market has been growing significantly. In 2021 the value of the worldwide reverse logistics market was USD $642-billion and is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 5.3%. By 2028, it is expected to reach USD $921.6-billion.

To meet the demands of modern commerce, companies must streamline and automate their reverse logistics processes to reduce processing times and improve service levels.

So what can you do to address these concerns?

3 keys to streamlining reverse logistics

Knowing where to start with reverse logistics can be a challenge. But as an expert in post-purchase, AfterShip has done the legwork for you. Here are 3 key tips to get started:

Tip #1: Generate return labels without additional apps

Many popular solutions for returns management rely heavily on third-party logistics (3PL) or shipping brokers, such as Easypost, which can lead to additional set-up, training, and costs. Additionally, it can add complexity to the returns process, especially if integration is unreliable or down.

AfterShip Returns offers a streamlined alternative that saves time and costs.

With access to 23 global carriers and a reverse logistics network covering over 95% of the globe, AfterShip Returns enables businesses to connect their accounts with carriers and set up auto-approvals for a fully self-service return experience. This eliminates the need for costly third-party solutions or shipping brokers while providing access to AfterShip’s discounted rates for faster implementation and cost savings.

Layer on top of that, the ability to auto-generate labels, and AfterShip Returns becomes a powerful solution for businesses looking to streamline their reverse logistics.

Tip #2: Set up different flows for drop-off and pickup returns

Drop-off and pick-up return methods are becoming increasingly popular, with 2022 marking the year that this method became the most popular return method for US consumers. As such, AfterShip has introduced several advanced return features to make the process more efficient and customer-friendly.

Users can customize return instructions, charge individual fees, and automate approvals depending on the selected return method. This comprehensive approach reduces customer confusion and allows for more specific automation that caters to the unique needs of each business. Customers can now enjoy a seamless and transparent return experience, while businesses benefit from a more efficient and cost-effective process.

Tip #3: Automatically select the cheapest carrier

Managing returns in the eCommerce industry can be costly for retailers, with online returns accounting for USD $218-billion in 2021. Shipping costs contribute significantly to these expenses, making it vital for businesses to find cost-effective solutions to handle their reverse logistics processes.

Coming early this summer, AfterShip Returns will launch a new feature that automatically selects the most cost-effective carrier for each return, saving retailers valuable time and money.

By actively analyzing multiple carriers, AfterShip Returns will help brands choose the best option for their shipment while providing peace of mind that they are getting the best possible rates. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that use multiple carriers, as it eliminates the need for manual selection and reduces the risk of errors.

Want to learn a little more about AfterShip Returns? Our experienced professionals are here to help you take your returns management to the next level. With our global perspective and expertise, we can help you improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and enhance your brand reputation. Click here to get started with AfterShip Returns today and experience the power of our platform for yourself!

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