Sparking Loyalty: Best Practices for Outstanding Branded Tracking Pages

Sparking Loyalty: Best Practices for Outstanding Branded Tracking Pages
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Tracking is an integral part of the post-purchase experience, and a branded tracking experience can bring tremendous value to both brands and customers.

It provides a seamless and consistent representation of your brand, helps build customer loyalty, and increases revenue by keeping shoppers engaged throughout the delivery process.

In this blog, we'll dive deeper into the best practices and the features AfterShip Tracking has to help omnichannel retailers create impactful tracking pages that will build brand recognition, improve the customer experience, and boost revenue.

1. Place your brand at the center of the experience

In today's crowded marketplace, customers have endless options and are likelier to choose a brand that resonates with them. Keeping your brand in mind throughout the customer journey creates a consistent and memorable experience that builds trust and loyalty and drives long-term business growth.

A strong brand identity also sets you apart from competitors and makes it easier to differentiate yourself from others in your industry.

Customize your tracking page to match your brand’s style

It is great to redirect your shoppers to your branded tracking page, but if your branded tracking page doesn’t match your brand style, it may cause confusion and impact the overall post-purchase experience. With several themes available, such as Basic, Sake, Hero, and Nomads, you can quickly create a tracking page that aligns with your brand identity. AfterShip's drag-and-drop editor makes editing themes, colors, fonts, and other design elements easy to match your brand's style perfectly.

If you want your tracking page to match the rest of your website, AfterShip can help. Using proxy URLs, you can change the headers and footers on your tracking page to match your brand in Shopify stores. This way, your tracking page will blend seamlessly with your other web pages. If you use another eCommerce platform, you can use an iFrame to embed it. These small details will make a big difference!

Ensure the tracking page layout is adaptable to the Shopper

With most customers viewing branded tracking pages from their mobile devices, whether a phone or a tablet, your tracking page must be set up to be viewed from any device without formatting getting disturbed. AfterShip recognizes this and provides businesses with mobile-friendly templates to optimize their branded tracking page for any device. These templates are designed to be responsive, meaning they adjust to the screen size of the user's device automatically.

It’s also important to provide shoppers with a most comfortable experience. AfterShip’s branded tracking pages provide auto-translation, which allows retailers to offer shoppers service in their preferred language.

Create an additional touchpoint with shipping reviews

Feedback is critical; most brands focus on the product when considering reviews. However, collecting shipping reviews is equally important so that you can understand any issues occurring during your post-purchase experience. AfterShip conducted an in-depth study of over 40,000 negative shipping reviews from about 4,000 global retailers during the 2021 and 2022 peak seasons. The data showed 31% of complaints were about lost or stolen items, 15.85% were due to late deliveries, and 12.47% were about poor communication. A considerable percentage of shipment reviews could have been turned into positive feedback if there were opportunities to be proactive. Utilizing shipping reviews provides additional post-purchase touchpoints for your brand and will allow you to adjust your shipping strategy when necessary.

2. Ease shopper anxiety by providing essential information in one location

The branded tracking page is a convenient one-stop shop for shoppers, providing them with all the essential package details in a single view. There are subtle opportunities for you to provide shoppers with information to keep them informed and peace of mind until their package arrives.

Help shoppers keep track of multiple items within their order

Businesses must provide customers with a comprehensive list of all their purchased items, especially if items are shipping at different times. This is where AfterShip's "shipment items" and "other shipments in order" modules come in handy. By providing these tracking updates, businesses can build customer trust and enhance their post-purchase experience, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Provide shoppers with highly accurate delivery estimates

Shoppers need to be aware of when their packages are arriving. Accurate estimated delivery dates will reduce the WISMO tickets the customer service team deals with and help shoppers plan. For example, depending on the merchandise, it is sometimes required for someone to be available to receive the package. This means shoppers might have to plan or adjust their schedules. The estimated delivery date (EDD) widget for the branded tracking pages allows brands to choose a style that fits their brand the best. The EDD widget pulls data from over 4.4 billion tracked shipments to provide shoppers with highly accurate data.

3. Create opportunities for incremental revenue

Tracking pages offer more than just package tracking information. The extra marketing space allows brands to promote additional products, loyalty programs, and more.

Host your tracking page under your domain

When you redirect shoppers from your brand domain to track their package, you lose out on the opportunity to keep them engaged with your brand. AfterShip provides unmatched control over your branded tracking experience by allowing businesses to white-label their tracking page URL. AfterShip will enable you to keep your traffic by completely customizing your tracking page's URL to match your brand. This means your customers will see a URL that reinforces your brand identity but will also allow you to redirect them to other areas of your website which will help them become repeat customers.

One example of the benefits of white-labeling your tracking page URL is Vivino, a wine marketplace that saw a 12% increase in SEO ranking year over year. By using a fully customized and branded URL for its tracking page, Vivino improved its search engine rankings and drove more organic traffic to its site.

Send shoppers to targeted tracking pages that are built for them

Different shoppers will have different needs, wants, and expectations. Understanding your customers and tailoring your touchpoints will help you build loyalty and keep shoppers returning. AfterShip's tracking page segmentation feature offers businesses a powerful tool to target specific groups of customers for different marketing opportunities.

With custom tags, companies can create a hyper-personalized experience that can increase conversion. Businesses can create customized tracking pages that cater to a particular customer group's needs and preferences by segmenting tracking pages. For example, a company could create a VIP tracking page that provides special offers to its most loyal customers or target first-time buyers with a unique branded experience that helps build trust and loyalty from their first interaction with the brand.

Tailor product recommendations to customers’ purchases

Shoppers are highly engaged with brands while they wait for their packages to arrive. While actively listening, it is the best time to connect with them and offer them additional merchandise they would like. AfterShip allows businesses to leverage product recommendations to encourage repeat purchases and drive revenue growth. The brands can curate these product recommendations by curating specific products or product collections, or they can utilize the AI-powered product recommendation features that AfterShip Tracking has. Once companies segment their tracking pages, they can recommend products personalized to each customer based on their purchase history, browsing behavior, and other relevant data.

The results of AI-powered recommendations on AfterShip's tracking pages speak for themselves. For example, Miss to Mrs saw 45% of its visits to the online store originate from AfterShip tracking pages, with a 6.5% CTR on product recommendations made from those pages. Additionally, 25% of the online store's sales were attributed to AfterShip tracking pages. Vivino saw a 30% hike in repeat sales through AfterShip's branded tracking page and product recommendations. By leveraging AI-powered recommendations, businesses can offer customers a personalized experience that encourages repeat purchases and drives sales growth.

Brand Your Tracking Pages with AfterShip

AfterShip Tracking's powerful feature set enables businesses to boost their brand, enhance customer experience, and spur revenue growth. It offers custom-branded tracking pages and AI-guided product suggestions to foster repeat business. With AfterShip, companies can transform their post-purchase journey, gaining a competitive edge in today's eCommerce market. This improves customer satisfaction and directly fuels revenue growth, ensuring market stability and sustainable expansion.

With AfterShip, businesses can take their post-purchase experience to the next level and achieve their full potential in today's competitive eCommerce landscape.

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