Send tracking updates via SMS to customers based on their timezone

Send tracking updates via SMS to customers based on their timezone

Providing real-time shipment notifications to customers at every stage of an order can not only decrease the WISMO queries for an eCommerce business but can enhance your post-purchase experience significantly. It is one of the best ways to engage and drive loyal customers.

AfterShip now allows you to schedule SMS notifications to help share tracking information with your customers at the right time. It will help you keep the problem of customers receiving messages during odd times at bay. Merchants can send SMS notifications at a scheduled time so that customers can receive all the key updates during the daytime.

How can SMS notifications benefit your eCommerce business?

SMS notifications play a crucial role in growing the percentage of returning customers. Here are some of the key benefits of investing in SMS notifications:

  • Enhances post-purchase communication with your customers via SMS scheduling
  • Helps send delivery SMS at the right time to boost buyer engagement
  • Lets you schedule SMS based on the customer’s timezone to improve the buying experience
  • Keeps track of SMS status and notification-related information with detailed analytics

How to send SMS notifications via AfterShip?

Here’s the step by step process of enabling SMS notifications on your AfterShip account:

  • Log in to your AfterShip account
  • Click on the “Email & SMS” tab under the “Notifications” section
  • Click on the “Settings” button, and under the “SMS settings,” set the timezone when you want to trigger the SMS notifications

That’s it! You can check the status of your SMS notifications from Notifications > Notification history > SMS

It’s time to start leveraging the potential of SMS notifications and improve your customers’ post-purchase experiences.

For more information on SMS notifications, feel free to refer to the help article here.

If you have any issues, you can also connect with our support team for quick assistance.