Protecting Your Revenue with AfterShip Returns & AfterShip Protection

Protecting Your Revenue with AfterShip Returns & AfterShip Protection

It's important to remember that a successful order is not the end of the customer journey. If the item doesn't arrive, is damaged, or doesn't meet expectations, what are the next steps? How can brands and retailers keep customers engaged?

In recent years, customers have come to expect higher-quality experiences, especially after an order has been shipped. Options like package protection and automated returns can help set expectations while protecting store revenue.

Let AfterShip help you keep your customers happy and your business thriving. Here's how.

How can retailers recover from this loss of revenue?

One of the main objectives for retailers is to create an efficient and trustworthy customer journey. AfterShip offers a range of solutions that can help businesses ensure that their customers’ orders are tracked, delivered on time, and returned quickly if necessary.

Here are two practical ways you can use AfterShip to recover from losses associated with lost packages, returns, and other customer service issues:

Offer package protection options

As an eCommerce business owner, providing package protection can give your customers peace of mind and increase their trust in your brand. In 2021, US-based porch theft increased by over 23% YoY, resulting in an estimated loss of $19.6 billion. It’s becoming more and more crucial to have a plan in place.

Package protection not only ensures your customers’ satisfaction and builds trust, but it also helps to recover lost revenue. When an item is lost or stolen, customers can file a claim and receive a new item or a refund—either way, the business is not paying out of pocket for replacement orders.

This income protection gives businesses more control over their bottom line, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences. As a bonus, consistent package protection practices can also build customer brand loyalty.

How can AfterShip Protection help?

With AfterShip Protection, it's easy to offer this option at checkout—keeping costs low for customers, at around 1.5% of the item value, with a 95% claim success rate.

"Customers have been impressed with the optional protection, especially those that live in high-theft areas. They are satisfied with the low cost in exchange for the peace of mind offered to protect their high-end purchase. We have not seen any complaints about the process after submitting a claim."
Customer Experience Manager, Leading functional accessory DTC brand

Customers can submit claims in our easy-to-use portal, accessible 24/7, taking less than five minutes. By being proactive, businesses can utilize the benefits of package protection instead of shipping replacement orders out of pocket, protecting their bottom line while preserving customer relationships.

There are three ways to offer package protection - the customer pays, the brand pays, or a hybrid approach. By offering this option, businesses can show they care about their customer's experience and build brand loyalty.

Improve the return experience

Returns can be a major customer friction point and a drain on your bottom line. The NRF found that it accounted for $816 billion in lost sales for US retailers in 2022.

Similar to package protection, by simplifying and streamlining the returns process, businesses can reduce customer frustration and increase loyalty. Customers can feel their return request is taken seriously and build long-term trust with a brand.

A great returns experience encourages exchanges instead of refunds, keeping the shopper engaged with the brand and retaining store revenue. Solutions that offer bonus credits, free shipping, and AI-powered product recommendations can make exchanges feel instantaneous and reduce long lead times.

Last, automated solutions also save time for employees who would otherwise deal with manual returns processes, reducing overhead costs.

How can AfterShip Returns help?

Solutions like AfterShip Returns can streamline the returns process and transform the friction into a positive experience.

“This exchange feature took every problem away. It’s also saved a lot of revenue—$125k in the last 90 days.”
Nikolas Callas
Director of Operations, Marc Nolan

Automating returns speeds up the process for customers, providing options to exchange or receive credits toward new purchases. With AfterShip Returns, customers are incentivized to exchange items through bonus credits and free shipping, increasing the likelihood of retention and customer satisfaction. Plus, resolution methods like store credit loop customers back for future purchases.

AfterShip Returns also deters returns with blocklists, return policy enforcement, and automated resolution methods based on item product id, type, and more. By making the returns process easy and enjoyable for customers, businesses can increase loyalty and profits.

Looking to get started?

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