How to Avoid Failed Delivery Attempts

Have you ever had the experience of a package going back to the sender because the receiver missed the delivery or the delivery address was wrong? Whenever a delivery fails, the delivery man leaves notifies the user regarding the next delivery time or asks the receiver to re-arrange the delivery according to their availability. But there could be unwanted delays due to various reasons such as - the receiver is not available to collect the package or have given a wrong delivery address.

In this post, I will show you how AfterShip helps you to minimize such problems and get the packages delivered on time :)

AfterShip allows senders and receivers to track their packages and get notified when the first delivery attempt fails and also updates with other critical delivery statuses—In Transit, Out for Delivery, Delivered, Failed Atemmpt, Exception, among others.

You can check all the delivery statuses here.

If you sell online:

Even a single returned package due to undelivered delivery is annoying and incurs heavy costs, especially if it is because the customer misses to collect the delivery multiple times or due to an incorrect delivery address. And on top of this, sometimes the customers even complain "why the order has not yet delivered?!" You want to shout but you can't when you have the package returned due to customer's fault. You have no choice but to initiate the delivery again.

To solve this problem, AfterShip allows online merchants to Connect their stores (now support eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Magento & Spree) with AfterShip which automatically tracks all your packages and send out notifications to customers as soon as the first delivery attempt fails.

You can also choose to upload a CSV file (with the tracking numbers and emails) to import all your tracking numbers in one go, or upload the CSV file to a URL and we can automatically download the CSV and import the shipments at the time you specify.

If you are expecting a package to come:

Simply enter a tracking number at the AfterShip track button, add a package and then input your email in the notification field. Then you can receive notification when the first delivery attempt fails and for other key delivery statuses, including In Transit and Out for Delivery.