AfterShip’s Returns Center joins Shopify Plus certified app program

AfterShip’s Returns Center joins Shopify Plus certified app program

Trusted by 3,600+ Shopify merchants to streamline their returns process

AfterShip, a major post-purchase and tracking platform for e-commerce merchants, today announced that its key product, AfterShip Returns Center, has joined the Shopify Plus Certified App Program. Each app is subjected to a thorough examination by the Shopify App Review and Quality Assurance Team to verify that it satisfies stringent requirements in terms of performance, security, privacy, and support. Returns Center is pleased to be recognized by Shopify as one of its best-in-class technology solutions that can deliver a level of product quality that meets the stringent demands of Shopify merchants.

Since launching on the Shopify App Store in 2017, Returns Center has accumulated more than 1,600+ reviews, scored a 4.7/5 rating, and supported more than 3,600 merchants up to date, including Lume Deodorant, J.ING, and VRG GRL. Returns Center has enabled the growth of thousands of Shopify merchants by offering a wide range of features to help merchants automate and optimize their return process. Now, Returns Center is looking forward to empowering even more Shopify Plus merchants as a trusted solution to optimize their returns strategy.

Many e-commerce businesses overlook the post-purchase process and often see “ordered” as the end of the line. AfterShip believes in the opposite, where returns are the new beginning of a potential sale and the key to repeated sales. According to the Shopper Insights Report AfterShip conducted at the end of 2021, building loyalty with positive post-purchase and returns experiences retains customers and ensures they grow in confidence with sizing and quality over time. 68% of the respondents shopped online at least once a week, which inevitably leads to increased returns. A simplified return process, on the other hand, reduces pressure on customer service staff, promotes repeat purchases, and increases brand loyalty. Returns Center helps e-commerce merchants with automated returns and exchanges while also benefiting online shoppers via self-service tools, making sure merchants capture a golden opportunity to leave a positive impression for shoppers to visit again.

“AfterShip and Shopify share the same vision of providing a seamless experience for online merchants. The AfterShip team has been relentlessly improving the user experience of Returns Center with the aim to address the pain points of the returns process from the merchants’ perspective,” said Andrew Chan, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of AfterShip.

“We’re thrilled to earn this title as a Certified App Partner with Shopify Plus, and we look forward to supporting even more Shopify Plus merchants with a tool we know will help improve their post-purchase and returns management strategy.”

AfterShip now has 10 products available on Shopify to support merchants in optimizing the post-purchase experience. AfterShip’s Returns Center app for Shopify Plus enables online retailers to supercharge their returns processes by minimizing unnecessary shipments while giving online shoppers the option to convert returns into repurchases with store credit or exchanges as refund options. It also gives e-commerce merchants a number of powerful features:

  • Automated Returns & Exchanges allow shoppers to return or exchange products via a branded returns portal, making the process more efficient. Shoppers can also expedite return shipping with 980+ carriers including UPS and USPS via self-service.
  • Proactive Updates reduce shopper inquiries and anxiety with timely return and refund status notifications via email. This boosts trust, encourages repeat sales, and drives customer loyalty.
  • Return Labels & Flexible Rules allow merchants to set smart guidelines that recapture revenue, save costs, and ensure items are sent back to the right place at a minimal cost.
  • Analytics help eCommerce leaders understand their returns process performance to plan inventory better and improve product offerings.

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