AfterShip Brings 'Exchange for Other Items' to Salesforce Commerce Cloud

New feature helps retailers using SFCC recapture revenue by offering exchanges during the returns process.

AfterShip Brings 'Exchange for Other Items' to Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Austin, TXOctober 23, 2023 - AfterShip, a leading post-purchase and tracking platform for eCommerce businesses, announced today that it’s helping to advance returns management for its popular Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) integration with the introduction of ‘Exchange for Other Items’.

In addition to the existing ability to exchange for a variant item in a single click, this new functionality transforms return requests into an all-new shopping experience. Salesforce Commerce Cloud merchants can connect their store and inventory to offer other products as exchange resolutions, addressing costly refunds.

Users can also employ automated incentives, like free shipping and bonus credits, and product recommendations to encourage exchanges. These product recommendations leverage AI to drive higher conversion, curating items by past orders, similar goods, top-selling, and frequently bought together.

"AfterShip Returns helps brands retain more revenue while also creating a seamless, loyalty-building returns experience for shoppers," said Andrew Chan, CMO and co-founder of AfterShip. "Instead of a return, buyers can choose items that better fit their needs — without going through multiple steps or walking out unhappy. Our customers are excited to implement ‘Exchange for Other Items’ before the holiday shopping season and proactively address the large influx of returns."

AfterShip Returns is an automated solution that delivers a hassle-free returns and exchange experience, optimizes return costs, and retains more revenue. From an operational perspective, ‘Exchange for Other Items’ simplifies order and revenue recapture and alleviates strain on customer support teams.

The native integration between AfterShip Returns and Salesforce Commerce Cloud has been available since 2022, enabling data connectivity, quick order lookup, and automated return processing. AfterShip Returns for Salesforce Commerce Cloud also includes:

  • Customizability that allows for exchanges both within the return experience or on the brand’s eCommerce store, depending on the retailer's needs.
  • Direct sync to SFCC, linking return merchandise authorizations (RMAs) to customer and order data. Conditional workflows, question-based filtering, and advanced routing rules for faster resolutions and restocking.
  • Process automation, such as approvals and in-app label generation, and centralized returns requests to minimize return-related support tickets.
  • Fully customizable, branded returns pages, proactive notifications, and embedded navigation to increase brand consistency and improve the shopper experience.

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