The Top Easyship Alternatives and Competitors

The Top Easyship Alternatives and Competitors

On the hunt for the most reliable post-purchase software for your eCommerce company? We know it can be a daunting task. But we’ll help you out with this breakdown!

One of the companies you’ve likely come across is Easyship. This is a platform that offers streamlined shipping for online retailers. But what sets it apart from its competitors? In this article, we'll take a look at some of Easyship's main rivals and see how they compare, to help you with your buying journey.

Many of Easyship's main competitors also offer automated shipping for online retailers. Many can integrate with major marketplaces and eCommerce platforms, making them popular choices for businesses that sell on multiple channels.

However, these different competitors have varying levels of customization and other features that set them apart. How can you know which solution is right for you? We've taken the time to sort through some of the top alternatives to Easyship so you don't have to.

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AfterShip Leads the Pack, Top Alternative to Easyship

If you're in the market for a shipment tracking platform, you may be wondering whether AfterShip is the right choice for your business. Overall, we believe that AfterShip is a great option for businesses that need detailed tracking information and want to automate their shipping notifications.

Thanks to AfterShip, you can offer your customers a seamless experience when it comes time to track their orders. Branded tracking pages help keep your brand messaging consistent and make the customer experience a smooth one. Plus, with their order lookup widget, customers can check on the status of their orders all without leaving your store page to do it.

AfterShip also offers partnerships with nearly 1,000 shipping carriers worldwide. That is more than any other major post-purchase platform today. This means that you're likely to find the right carrier for your business, no matter where you're shipping.

Overall, we believe that AfterShip is the best option available for businesses looking for a shipping automation platform.  Their comprehensive tracking features, low price point, and excellent customer support make them a top pick in the industry.

Alternatives to Easyship

In addition to AfterShip, there are several other platforms worth considering if you're looking for an alternative to Easyship.


Shippo is a popular software that offers a similar range of features to Easyship. However, Shippo is slightly more expensive than Easyship, starting at $15/mo for their base plan. Shippo also offers a free plan for small businesses that covers your first 250 shipments per month.

One of the main advantages of using Shippo is its integrations with popular eCommerce platforms. This makes it easy to automate your shipping process and eliminates the need to manually enter order information. Shippo also offers a wide range of features, including real-time tracking, package insurance, and automatic label printing.


Shipstation is another top contender in the shipping automation space. They offer a comprehensive platform that can help businesses streamline their shipping process and save time. Shipstation starts at $9/mo for their base plan, which covers 500 shipments per month.

One feature that sets Shipstation apart from other shipping trackers is the ability to manage your store inventory from anywhere. With their inventory management solution, Shipstation can offer customers control over their stock like never before.  Shipstation also has a wide range of integrations, making it easy to automate your shipping process.

Shipstation starts at $9/mo for their base plan, which covers 500 shipments per month.


Narvar is another shipping automation platform that offers a similar range of features to Easyship. However, Narvar is more expensive than Easyship, starting at $19/mo for their base plan. Narvar also offers a free trial for businesses to try out the platform.

One of the main advantages of using Narvar is its customer engagement solutions. With Narvar, you can send automated shipping notifications and engage with customers through every step of the shipping process. Narvar places a strong emphasis on creating memorable post-purchase experiences. Narvar gives its clients the opportunity to market to their customers even after the purchase has been made. This is a solution for businesses looking to maximize contact and reach with their customer base.


WeSupply is a newer player in the shipping automation space. They offer a comprehensive platform that helps businesses streamline their shipping process and save time. WeSupply starts at $15/mo for their base plan, which covers 500 shipments per month.

One feature that sets WeSupply apart from other platforms is their focus on order management. With WeSupply, you can manage your orders from anywhere with their mobile app. WeSupply also offers a wide range of integrations, making it easy to automate your shipping process.

WeSupply focuses on a proactive approach to managing customer expectations, which in turn helps to reduce customer support inquiries on the back end.  WeSupply also offers a wide array of features to streamline your shipping process, including real-time tracking, package insurance, and automatic label printing.


Sendcloud is a software that offers similar features to Easyship. However, Sendcloud is more expensive than Easyship, starting at $25/mo for their base plan. Sendcloud also offers a free trial for businesses to try out the platform.

Sendcloud has features that will help your business get products out and into your customers' hands sooner. Their automated shipping solutions can help you ship packages out in mere minutes.  Sendcloud also offers a wide range of integrations, making it easy to automate your shipping process.

Another one of the advantages of using Sendcloud is their focus on customer support. With Sendcloud, you can provide your customers with real-time tracking updates and 24/7 customer support. Sendcloud also offers a wide range of features, including package insurance and automatic label printing.


ParcelPerform is an inventory management software company established in the United States that offers data management and order tracking solutions to eCommerce firms. It provides dependable and effective logistics services to online firms. Working with ParcelPerform allows online retailers to save delivery costs, enhance customer happiness, and boost overall efficiency. With over ten years of logistics experience, ParcelPerform is an excellent partner for any eCommerce firm trying to simplify its shipping process.

ParcelPerform enables you to maintain independence with your carriers. It is a logistics data toolkit that provides insights on the improvement of customer experience. ParcelPerform allows eCommerce businesses to integrate with 600+ carriers and other partners. Through ParcelPerform, you can manage and track orders, respond to customer queries quickly and optimize your shipping operations.


ShippingEasy is the simplest system for eCommerce sellers to utilize for online shipping, monitoring, and customer advertising. Use the cheapest USPS and UPS freight charges possible to save money, or link your UPS/FedEx account to connect from more than 50 stores and marketplaces. ShippingEasy provides a free trial period to try out the system before paying a monthly fee that starts at $5 for their base package.

One of ShippingEasy's greatest perks is Multi-Store, a feature that allows multiple teams and operations to operate out of a single location. They also manage returns well, keeping track of and facilitating replacements or returns of purchased goods. Additionally, they have effective inventory management, which monitors and controls the number of materials on hand to keep a sufficient supply.

One of ShippingEasy's additional features is its effective lead management, which stores data about prospects and customers and follows clients through the selling process. They can identify and track objects that have data recorded electronically via barcoding or RFID. They create, communicate, and provide incentives to carry out a particular action for their promotional management.

The disadvantages of having several fulfillment locations are primarily fixed expenditures. Each facility will have a contractual arrangement for warehousing and services. This entails paying for two times as much inventory and rising handling expenses.


ShipStation allows businesses to integrate all of their couriers and order suppliers in one location, and it assists businesses in producing reduced shipping labels rapidly for all of their online purchases. For companies that send out 50 shipments monthly, ShipStation's beginning package is $12.95. This includes process automation, order filtering, and label printing. Additionally, the software has a trial version, so you may test it out without spending any money.

ShipStation's dispatch management, which coordinates delivering resources and personnel to a site as needed, is one of its best features. They feature special order management, which enables customers to place special orders, which can be additional orders or orders for items that a consumer has specifically requested. Their order fulfillment process includes collecting, arranging, following up on, and completing sales orders for a business's products or services.

ShipStation balances and reduces stock to manage stock in order to fulfill customer service and financial goals. In order to identify specific products, they feature product identification that matches barcodes or serial numbers with them. The software also includes a client database with an accessible history of client information.

One of ShipStation's biggest features is the ability to place special orders, although doing so can be expensive and time-consuming.


ShippyPro is a shipping software that makes it simple for online retailers to ship, monitor, and process refunds for eCommerce transactions. Online retailers may seamlessly import undelivered orders by syncing their CMS and 70 or more marketplaces to 160 or more international couriers using ShippyPro.

Their subscription starts at €29 monthly and is priced according to the number of shipments per month. ShippyPro provides cash upon delivery manager, a tracking and monitoring API, and live checkout for less than 500 shipments per month. It is free to test it out for 30 days.

ShippyPro's key feature is that it is designed for usage by eCommerce websites, freight brokers, and logistics providers. The software has a delivery estimation feature that notifies customers of the anticipated date and time of arrival for their orders. To keep track of the physical movement of the box throughout shipment, they also have a shipment tracking feature. The program will issue a tracking number related to the order number.

With regard to ShippyPro's extra features, the system has a shipment price calculation that figures the cost of the package based on its size, weight, destination, duration, and carrier. Furthermore, ShoppyPro conveniently interacts with websites run by third parties.


The best SaaS platform for handling your eCommerce transactions is Shippingbo, which can be connected to more than 70 various marketing sources with ease. It offers you a free version so you can test the software initially. The base package of the subscription costs €9.90 a month.

Shippingbo offers a variety of services, including customization. Making labels for things with relevant information, such as colors, sizes, and dates are required. Additionally, they have good carrier management that seeks, analyzes, and chooses the freight carrier that is both timely and cost-effective. They offer classification or cataloging, which enables users to develop and create digital catalogs of goods or services with their specifics, features, and prices.

The multi-channel management system that Shippingbo has offered allows them to manage and maintain stock levels throughout all channels, including retail stores and warehouses, based on demand from customers and channel performance. They also supervise the process from the time a shipment is first received until it is stacked in its last destination within a facility.


Convey is a shipping management software company located in the United States that uses connectors and predictive analytics to improve the customer experience.

Convey may assist in lowering operating expenses by giving detailed statistics on shipping performance, customer feedback, and any other areas of the company that require information. Convey and its rivals are an excellent alternative to AfterShip since they can anticipate delivery difficulties and notify clients appropriately. With its white-labeled monitoring page, it may also promote branded engagements.

Convey also provides a basic branded tracking page that does not allow for any suggestions or product displays. Only product recommendations that are surface-relevant can be enabled.

There is space for a single promotional display, which commonly mentions significant reductions or new arrivals. In the event of a delay, similar promotional communications are sent out, offering discounts or reimbursements.

Convey provides a shipment tracking page that displays the projected arrival date as well as order statuses based on specific preset milestones. However, there is just a little amount of space on the tracking page for brand advertising.


Shipup is a courier program that works similarly to logistics software.

Shipup is used by many major merchants to give insights into their shipping statistics. Shipup also features an integrated tracking system. It provides order monitoring status and timely alerts, as well as solid customer care. You may use this program to get crucial data and metrics for analyzing all shipping processes.

Furthermore, Shipup has created a precise date prediction technology for competitive logistics operations. It is also coupled with order tracking systems to give trustworthy customer assistance and real-time shipping status information. It also has the ability to produce postal stamps and validate addresses.

But, if your business needs a larger range of services to grow its operations, you can seek different shipping software on the market.


Qapla is a cutting-edge shipping software platform that provides order management services as well as connections with over 160 carriers. With this dependable alternative to Stamps, the customer may access all of their shipments from all carriers on a single dashboard.

Qapla's platform is integrated with several marketplaces and online retailers, including Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Shopify, and others. Qapla's platform allows for quick post-purchase administration, making it convenient for its clients.

You may use this logistics software to automate typical tasks such as shipment processing and label production to speed up your supply chain. Furthermore, it offers inexpensive costs through subscription packages based on the size/scale of your organization.

Furthermore, it automates regular processes such as shipment processing and labels production to improve supply chain efficiency. You may obtain inexpensive costs through subscription packages based on the size of your firm. When your company's expansion outgrows your current management system and necessitates a shipment monitoring platform with a broader variety of functions, you should seek alternatives and rivals in the market to scale up.

The Choice Is Clear: Switch to AfterShip Today

The best shipping automation platform for your business will depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you're looking for a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of shipping, then AfterShip is the best pick.  However, if you're interested in customer engagement solutions, then Narvar may be a better fit.  Ultimately, the decision comes down to what's most important to you and your business.

If you're looking for an easy way to automate your shipping process, then we recommend switching to AfterShip today. With AfterShip, you'll get access to the most advanced shipping automation tools on the market. We make it easy to get started, with no long-term contracts or commitment required. The comprehensive tracking features, low price points, and excellent customer support make them a top pick in the industry.

Switch to AfterShip today and see how they can help streamline your shipping process!