6 Beauty Influencers Making a Killing with TikTok Shop (And What You Can Learn From Them)

6 Beauty Influencers Making a Killing with TikTok Shop (And What You Can Learn From Them)

After years of testing, TikTok Shop has officially rolled out in the US. We don't want to overstate it, but we're probably looking at the next big thing in social commerce.

Beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands have led the charge. No surprises there—these brands have actively courted young audiences and grown their online presence on the platform for years. Now, TikTok Shop is set to become their next significant sales channel.

Benefit Cosmetics, for instance, was among the early adopters of TikTok Shop in China, driving around 30% of their total online sales from TikTok. Sales of Benefit's Fan Fest Mascara via TikTok Shop now outpace sales made through their website. Today, most of these sales are generated through an extensive network of hand-picked TikTok Shop affiliates, using their existing audiences (and savvy as content creators) to reach new customers.

Whether you rely on affiliates or want to produce in-house videos to support your TikTok Shop strategy, paying attention to the influencers already helping generate billions of dollars for brands, TikTok, and themselves makes a lot of sense. 

Meet some of our favorite beauty influencers who have already nailed selling on TikTok Shop. Let's dive into their tactics—and explore how you can apply them to your campaigns as you learn how to sell on TikTok Shop.

1. Melissa Murdick (@itsmakeupbymelissam)

Melissa Murdick is a Los Angeles-based makeup artist whose celebrity clientele includes the likes of Selena Gomez, Billie Eilish, and Doja Cat. Since 2022, Melissa has built a following of 1.3 million people on TikTok, thanks to incredible makeup tutorials and the occasional sneaky cameo from Selena.

@itsmakeupbymelissam Replying to @Kyra pick whichever tool you prefer! Both give good results when used correctly #makeupbrushes #makeupreview #makeuptutorial #foundationhack #beautyblender ♬ original sound - Melissa Murdick

How Melissa's killing it

An endorsement from Melissa boosted sales of BK Beauty Brushes by 30% from TikTok Shop when she mentioned that their BK Beauty 101 Brush was one of her favorites. In an interview with ModernRetail, BK Beauty's co-founder, Paul Jauregui, admitted the increase was a "one-off day" when Melissa first posted. Still, that bump is too enticing to ignore.

Tactical takeaways for TikTok Shop

  • Trust is essential. Melissa's personal and professional reputation means that an endorsement from her feels authentic in a way that messaging directly from a brand does not. The promotion feels like a natural extension of her channel (and good advice!) rather than a paid advertisement. Savvy creators like Melissa will ensure recommended products meet their standards, minimizing buyer fears around cheap knockoffs.
  • Using affiliates for reach. Though the brand already has a modest following on TikTok, BK Beauty used TikTok Shop's affiliate program to reach buyers by paying Melissa a small commission on each sale. You can connect with shoppers directly if your brand has a massive following. If you don't, however, you don't need to build one: leveraging affiliates with your TikTok Shop or eCommerce store and a tool like AfterShip Feed can help you scale quickly.

2. Jillian Lyon (@jilllegsfordays)

Jillian Lyon is a licensed cosmetologist with 65,000 followers on TikTok. Her videos usually feature skin care tips, product reviews, and side-by-side comparisons. At first glance, it's nothing too special, but her affiliate products sell like hotcakes!

@jilllegsfordays Y’all already know these are my favorite 🤩 #frozenbeautypop #beautypop #loveandpebble #loveandpebbleglowmask #loveandpebblebeautypop #viralbeautypop #viralfrozenbeautypop #viralloveandpebble #skincare #athomefacial #frozenfacial #fyp #foryou #fypage #icingmyface #facesculpting #depuffingskin ♬ original sound - Jilllegsfordays

How Jill's killing it

Love & Pebble, a cruelty-free, clean beauty brand, combined the power of Creator Affiliate and TikTok Shop, driving over 240 conversions and 250,000 impressions from their advertising. Jill was one of the influencers involved in the massive campaign that led to an 1194% increase in sales and a 409% decrease in CPA vs BAU.

Tactical takeaways for TikTok Shop

  • Collaborate with micro-influencers for massive impact. While celebrity influencers with millions of followers have the lowest level of trust among audiences, 45% of users claim they might buy products that micro-influencers recommend. We're not saying you won't sell your product if you pay Justin Bieber buckets of cash, but you might achieve better ROI by collaborating with trusted micro-influencers like Jill.
  • Expertise adds a layer of credibility, even on TikTok. TikTok can seem like a fun and frivolous place, but Jillian Lyon's qualification for advising on skincare and cosmetics isn't just that she’s an "influencer." She's a licensed cosmetologist. You can see where we're going with this: over 40% of consumers in the US trust expert reviews, and people like Jill leverage their legitimate expertise to build audiences in the same way that advertisers might use an expert endorsement.

3. Danielle Macran (@daniellemarcan)

Danielle Macran is a living embodiment of "that girl" aesthetics. Boasting 3.5 million followers on TikTok, Danielle keeps up with every other TikTok trend. While her account combines many types of content, her main focus is makeup and skincare tutorials.

@daniellemarcan quick skincare routine while i’m making girl dinner heheee. @L’Oréal Paris glycolic bright serum and cream #skincare #makeup ♬ original sound - DANIELLE

How Danielle's killing it

Danielle partners with YSL Beauty, Kerastase, Armani Beauty, Kiehl's, and other established beauty brands. She's also one of the influencers behind the tremendous success of CeraVe. The company exploded in popularity since TikTok influencers started recommending CeraVe products in the videos. Although Hyram Yarbro featured CeraVe on his 7 million TikTok account first, Danielle became one of the creators that CeraVe turned to after realizing her channel's potential.

Tactical takeaways for TikTok Shop

  • A sprinkle of lifestyle content makes it more relatable. Many TikTok influencers focus on one type of content (like Jill Lyon does) and don't share much of their personal lives. Danielle mixes makeup tutorials, TikTok trends, and a sprinkle of lifestyle content to make her content more appealing and relatable. The lesson for brands creating their own content is also clear: too much polish and pizzazz can actually work against you on the platform.
  • Jump on TikTok trends to go viral for maximum reach. On Danielle's account, you can spot at least two major trends: GRWM (which stands for "get ready with me") and the "girl dinner" trend. In one of her videos, Danielle performs her skincare routine while her dinner is cooking—it's such a smart move to become part of a viral trend while marketing skincare products.
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4. Allan Craig (@allancraig_)

Allan Craig is a beauty influencer based in the UK, where TikTok Shop was released in 2021. So he's had plenty of time to nail TikTok Shop best practices and has even received media attention for his efforts.

@allancraig_ MADE BY MITCHELL ALL SMUDGE NO BUDGE RESTOCK AND FLASH SALE #brownliner #browneyeliner #lattemakeup #makeuphacks #makeupforblueeyes ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

How Allan’s killing it

Allan’s work stands behind the success of Made by Mitchell (MBM), a beauty brand founded in 2020. The company took to TikTok Shop in early 2022 and immediately focused on diverse collaborations. In July 2023, MBM invited Allan and other creators to run flash sales in Shoppable LIVEs and Shoppable Short Videos. And guess what? The campaign hit $2 million in sales in just one week.

Tactical takeaways for TikTok Shop

  • TikTok LIVE for life. Much of Allan's success in the TikTok Shop space is linked to his involvement in live streams. The live format enables a direct and immediate connection between the influencer and the audience. And it has proved particularly effective for sellers—according to TikTok, 50% of TikTok users have bought advertised products after watching TikTok LIVE.
  • Take an unconventional approach. Gone are the days when beauty brands targeted only women or relied only on female spokespeople. Allan's growing following shows that breaking the mold can help you stand out and reach new audiences. Consider including diversity in your promotion strategy as a beauty brand, especially on TikTok, where you don't have much time to get people's attention.

5. Mikayla Nogueira (@mikaylanogueira)

Mikayla Nogueira is one of the earliest adopters of TikTok Shop among US creators. She’s the most followed beauty influencer on our list—with 15 million followers and counting. Yet she's built her following not on celebrity or memes but by being uniquely herself, an approach that resonates deeply with her audiences.

@mikaylanogueira GRWM TO GO TO ENGLAND 😍🇬🇧 #travel #uk #grwm #unitedkingdom #makeup #beauty ♬ original sound - Mikayla Nogueira

How Mikayla’s killing it

Dubbed "the realest influencer on TikTok," Mikayla wins viewers’ hearts with her unprecedented frankness and humor. She doesn’t just market products or teach people to apply makeup. Her chatty videos typically include real-life stories. (You feel like you’re listening to a friend while she’s getting ready to go out.)

When TikTok Shop was still beta testing for the US market, Mikayla did a live shopping stream with e.l.f. Cosmetics, where she showcased the brand’s most popular products. And now, “[...] it’s like every brand possible is reaching out wanting me to use TikTok Shop with them,” says Nogueira. Maybe you should get on that list, too?

Tactical takeaways for TikTok Shop

  • TikTok is an entertainment platform. Remember, the number one reason people come to TikTok is to lift their spirits, not to buy products. A perfect TikTok creator for you is the one who can actually make your audience feel better and then sell to them. Though TikTok Shop is an online marketplace with as much in common with Amazon as with Instagram, the audiences on the platform aren't looking for a hard sell.  
  • Keep it real. These days, Mikayla isn’t all that relatable in terms of how much she's making. But what makes her stand out is the journey from being just a girl from Boston who loves makeup to becoming a TikTok sensation. And despite her success, she doesn't stop showcasing her vulnerabilities and struggles. When considering influencers for TikTok Shop collaborations, seek creators who can mirror this authenticity.

6. Julia Perfetto (@juliaperfetto)

Julia Perfetto is a macro-influencer with almost 300,000 followers—a perfect follower count for getting real traction without overpaying. Julia seems to get even more personal in her content than Danielle. Aside from makeup tutorials and hair styling tips, she shares stories from her life and jokes.

@juliaperfetto nose one is crazy 🤢 @Hero Cosmetics im hooked #pimplepatch ♬ What the Hell - Benito

How Julia’s killing it

One of Julia’s affiliate companies is Hero Cosmetics. Hero has seen viral success on TikTok due to its pimple patches and has recently introduced shopping tabs to its TikTok account.

For Hero, TikTok videos have proven to be seven times more cost-effective than Instagram Stories—and UGC has played a significant role in this success. Julia’s shoppable video has generated 200,000 views for Hero Cosmetics, for instance, while the brand’s owned content averages around 10,000 views per post.

Tactical takeaways for TikTok Shop

  • Promote across various verticals. Julia collaborates with brands across multiple verticals, showcasing different products in her content. For instance, she might promote cosmetics one day but then workout sets the next. This approach allows her to build a diverse audience and opens up the possibility of cross-selling. When collaborating with influencers, explore opportunities to showcase your brand alongside complementary products, expanding your reach to a broader audience.
  • Impulse shopping is the TikTok Shop’s second name. One of Julia’s recent videos promotes Ritual’s Black Friday sale, which reminds us of the most obvious and yet the most effective approach to drive sales—namely, time-sensitive offers. Whether it's offering flash sales, limited-time discounts, or exclusive product launches, FOMO works magic with TikTok audiences and pairs perfectly with BFCM and other peak seasons.

Make TikTok Shop Part of Your Omnichannel Strategy

In the beauty game, TikTok influencers need to know their audiences to stand out from the crowd. Whether you use their tactics to inspire in-house TikTok Shop campaigns or collaborate with them on your promotions, you can learn tons from how they build a following, keep people engaged, and ultimately sell them products.

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