AfterShip’s powerful tools help Wineshipping solve the last-mile delivery challenge

AfterShip’s powerful tools help Wineshipping solve the last-mile delivery challenge

Expanding Expertise in the Space of Third Party Logistics (3PL) Fulfillment Solutions and Special Product Category

AfterShip just announced its expansion of 3PL solutions via its exclusive US partnership with Wineshipping the national leader in Direct-to-Consumer (DtC) wine fulfillment services. Made possible by AfterShip’s proprietary technology, Wineshipping recently released “Premium Tracking” to its winery clients looking to succeed in last-mile delivery.

Special product categories like wine involve strict regulations and requirements that merchants and 3PLs must follow when setting up shipping logistics. Also, the nearly 3% failed delivery rate for wine is higher than any other product category due to a strict requirement that an in-person signature of someone age 21 or older is required upon delivery. Therefore, tracking visibility and proactive customer outreach communications become crucial for merchants to succeed during the final hurdle of wine supply chain logistics: on-time last-mile delivery.

Wineshipping’s “Premium Tracking,” made possible with AfterShip’s proprietary technology, empowers this special product category’s merchants with user-oriented tools. This product includes four key features that allow Wineshipping’s client wineries to succeed in last-mile delivery, including shipment visibility, branded tracking pages, shipment notifications, and shipping performance analytics. It enables merchants to easily track shipments, communicate proactively with shoppers through email or SMS, and use co-branded or personalized tracking pages to engage with shoppers to drive revenue, build customer loyalty, and reduce returns. In short, from the moment the label is printed at the warehouse, Wineshipping and AfterShip together take care of the end-to-end journey, from bottle packing to customer receipt.

“At AfterShip, we understand for merchants getting on-time last-mile delivery right is crucial, especially with the relatively more rigid regulations and requirements in the wine industry. Therefore, during the process of tailoring the logistics solution for Wineshipping, we integrated features like shipment visibility, tracking pages and timely notifications to empower merchants to be proactive and accountable when engaging with shoppers on their delivery status”
— Andrew Chan, CMO and co-founder of AfterShip.

“As the largest direct-to-consumer wine fulfillment company in the US, the Wineshipping team knew we had to work with a partner who deeply understood the post-purchase landscape and whose technology is proven at scale,” said Pawel Smolarkiewicz, Chief Product Officer for Wineshipping. “Serving more than 1,300 wineries that send 10 million packages each year, it was important that AfterShip's technology, expertise and vision aligned with our own as we built and designed for the future. The ‘Premium Tracking’ tool achieves that vision.”

From the moment a shipping label is printed at the warehouse until the shipment arrives in buyers’ hands, AfterShip takes care of the end-to-end journey. This same technology is already trusted by 13,000+ e-commerce brands across 20+ global top 150 marketplaces, with eight billion packages tracked annually.