New feature: Track return shipments at one place

AfterShip Returns Center now supports tracking return shipments at one place.

New feature: Track return shipments at one place

A robust tracking system goes a long way in determining the success of an eCommerce business.

Managing a large number of shipments can be tough. Apart from that, handling the return requests may seem like an additional job.
To make this simpler for you, we have launched a new feature at the AfterShip Returns Center: Tracking.
This feature allows you to view return shipments in your AfterShip account.

Returns Center Tracking feature...

✅ Automatically syncs shipments from Returns Center to the AfterShip account
✅ Allows to track and manage return shipments easily
✅ Helps in finding out the status of all the return requests quickly
✅ Reduces time and effort

RC shipments + AfterShip shipments= Easier tracking

All you need is an active AfterShip subscription and the return shipments can be easily viewed in the AfterShip Shipments list.
Enable the auto-sync feature from returns center settings and you are good to go!


Once enabled, tracking number and courier information can be checked quickly in the AfterShip Shipments list.


Also, you can search for return shipments with the RMA number.

So, go ahead and Experience the new feature now!