How do outdated returns processes negatively affect businesses?

How do outdated returns processes negatively affect businesses?

Companies that possess good product returns policies end up profiting from good returns on brand image and client satisfaction.

Bad returns processes can hurt an online retailer’s brand reputation.

If a valued customer has a negative return experience, they may never shop with the brand again. This is particularly detrimental to brands since existing customers are 50% more likely to try a new product and spend 31% more than new customers (source).

- Andrew Chan, Co-founder & CPO - AfterShip

In an interview featured on Ecommerce Next, Andrew mentioned that losing existing customers can be very costly for a merchant because keeping existing customers is much cheaper than finding new ones.

He further adds that online retailers should quickly address their outdated systems for returns and focus on implementing an online return solution.

He believes that consumers who purchase online are much more inclined to a return process that is 100% online, so it’s best to deliver on that customer insight. Allowing the customers to initiate the return online without the need to pick up the phone will not only reduce costs but also increase customer satisfaction.

Brands need to keep up with the rising customer expectations as customers compare a brand’s return experience with other companies, especially Amazon.

If a brand wants to position itself as tech-forward, it needs to deliver on that promise by giving its customers a user-friendly online portal for processing returns.

While most brands genuinely want to give the best post-purchase experience to their customers, they have limited budgets and resources. As a result, much of these two are spent on marketing, promotions, and other pre-purchase activities, while post-purchase, and returns take a backseat.

AfterShip Returns Center solves these issues effectively by automating the returns processes. It helps you set smart return rules to save costs and send automated refund/return notifications to reduce customer inquiries. Try it to ensure a positive post-purchase experience for your customers and improve your return performance significantly.