Launching tracking page engagement dashboard and report

Launching tracking page engagement dashboard and report

AfterShip Tracking Page allows stores and brands to show delivery updates and engage customers with marketing assets and social media contents. We have launched analytics to allow you to quickly view your tracking page performance, and a report feature to allow you to see the detailed data over time, with different metrics and dimension.

How to find tracking page dashboard and report?
When you login, please click the analytics icon in the navigation bar and there will open a new window the URL defined Please note that the data is only available since Jul 26, 2018.

Tracking page dashboard

  • Tracking page sessions
    Learn how many visitors your tracking page brings, and its bounce rate and session duration.


  • Marketing clicks
    Understand how many marketing clicks your tracking page generates and where do your visitors click (navigation bar, marketing assets or social media clicks)

Tracking page report
You can also further understand the performance of tracking page by choosing metrics, dimensions, precision and date range. For example,
You can select multiple metrics like sessions,page views, marketing clicks, and multiple dimensions like country, device type, channel.