Product Update: AfterShip For iOS Gets Accounts & Data Sync

Product Update: AfterShip For iOS Gets Accounts & Data Sync

Early November we updated our [Android app](/android-app-update-data-sync/" target="_blank) in order to enable accounts & data synchronisation between your AfterShip account and your mobile app. We received great feedback on it.

Today we are happy to announce that the same feature is now available on [iOS](" target="_blank) too.

When you try our new iOS app, you will notice a couple of changes:

  • Ability to sync your shipments across devices and view it on Aftership
  • A new look
  • A better login / signup experience

Let's dive in.

Data Sync

Right after we released Data Sync feature on Android [more than a month ago](/android-app-update-data-sync/" target="_blank), we received some feedback from our iOS users who wanted the same.

Now, when you connect your AfterShip account with your iOS app, you will notice all your shipments on both platforms.

A new look

We wanted to improve shipment visibility and make it simpler for you to quickly glance at your shipments and have the difference between your current shipments and your past ones.

So now, when you shipment is delivered, you will see it in the 'Past' section below the 'Current' shipments you are tracking.

A better login and signup experience

We've made it easier to create an account on AfterShip and to login. You can now do so simply with Google connect. In just one tap, you can start adding shipments, and view them on both and on your iPhone.

What's next

Besides this update for iOS, we're working on improving AfterShip for Android, with more surprises to come just in time before Christmas.

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Grab AfterShip for iOS [here](" target="_blank)